COMING SOON: $1.2 million skatepark | Kennesaw, Georgia

California Skateparks has just been awarded the job of building the monumental skatepark in Kennesaw, Georgia. This skatepark has an anticipated start date for the summer 2012. The  40,000 square foot skatepark will be built at Swift-Cantrell Park and is racking in a budget of nearly $1.2 million! The mayor of Kennesaw, Mark Matthews has said, ” It will draw from across the region…there is nothing like this anywhere in the Southeast.”

Joe Ciaglia, Mayor Matthews, Rob Dyrdek, & Paul Vizcaino

Site Design Group has been awarded the job of designing this huge skatepark and they have already presented designs  exceeding the expectations of the community. The Rob Dyrdek Foundation is the major contribution bringing this opportunity to life for the city of Kennesaw. They have assumed the role of  raising the money for the gap in funds and the Foundation’s enthusiasm to make this skatepark the best in the world has captured the attention of the whole community. Dyrdek is hoping this park might be an option for Street League Skateboardings first ever permenant skate plaza facility. The park will be built with the option to one day host events seen on ESPN. Mayor Matthews said, “…this is to be the Pebble Beach of skateboarding.”