UPDATE | Penn Valley Skatepark


Kansas City is eagerly anticipating their new Penn Valley Skatepark coming in month! This project has an estimated start date of April 1st and the skatepark will be getting the 7 exclusive Street League features from the Kansas City Street League course in 2011. This will be a rare opportunity for the Kansas City youth to skate and test their skills on the very same features the pros competed on. The donated features by CA Skateparks will be repainted and re-filled to be sure they are in excellent condition for the skating community. The city is excited about the Rob Dyrdek Foundation involvement and their substantial donation of $50,000 for design services and the $35,000 for construction to finish the phase II addition / renovation of the park. The partnership with CA skateparks to give back to the skateboarding community and offer solutions for cities to see park projects is an opportunity CA Skateparks enjoys doing the most. More updates to come!