Street League New Jersey Course Design With California Skateparks


Street League New Jersey Course Design With California Skateparks:

This course we designed is both a return to the classic Street League plaza and also something completely brand new. It’s classic because we have again have a big section (absent from the last stop) with a large and long center hubba ledge flanked by hefty gaps, also a proper 5 stair rail, and lastly a nice versatile bump feature with an across and down ledge and a fatty to flatty gap. Now, whats different about this course is that we have taken a lot of the features that we are accustomed to seeing in Street League and broken them up and configured them in a way that we have never done before. This is exciting for us because it opens the door up for new flow lines, new types of features, and ultimately new tricks that we are going to get to see the pros do. As Street League continues to evolve, we want to make sure that the courses not only respond to the evolution, but actually help push it forward. For example, the format has changed since the Street League of old, and now that it is all about flow runs and best tricks, we want to make sure that there are unique obstacles out there and more opportunities to flow through the course. Our favorite new feature in the this design is the hip feature. Not only does it have a nice long hip to boost, but it has a rail planted right on the ridge of the hip as well as an offset bump to ledge that can be skated both ways, and even a step up gap into a bank that is a 9’ gap to clear. Lots of different possibilities with this feature, definitely one to watch out for in the contest.