El Centro Skatepark Photos

We have wrapped up construction on the Sidewinder Skatepark in El Centro, CA. This massive 30,000 square foot skatepark we built has both a large street section as well as a flow course. We also installed shade structures, lights, picnic tables, and bathrooms!

Please join us for the grand opening of the Sidewinder Skatepark September 10th from 4pm-7pm!


Sidewinder Skate Park
Corner of Adams & 6th St
El Centro, CA

Date/Time Information:
Thursday, September 10. 2015
4-4:30pm Opening Ceremonies
4:30-6pm  Demonstrations
6-7 pm       Free Skate( protective equipment is required)
** No Scooters Allowed**

Contact Information:

Community Services Department (760) 337-4543
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