Vans Park Series at US Surf Open, Huntington Beach

2017 VPS Men’s Pro Tour stop No.5 hits the scorching sands of Huntington Beach, USA during the Vans Surf Open. With a custom park designed and built by California Skateparks you can expect the world best terrain skateboarders to tear it up. The park will see its biggest facelift in recent years. There are certain mainstays like the Marseille Hip, the Spine, and the Setback Extensions that are part of the soul of the bowl and will still be present within the design, but the bowl itself has a new orientation as well as some new bells and whistles. Most notably, the bowl will have an open deep end pocket, a square island jump box, and a couple of new hips and transfers.

Come out and check out the event is August 1st-5th and ENTRY IS FREE!