City Heights, CA Opens “Park De La Cruz” Skate Park

The opening of “Park De La Cruz” the 19,000 square foot skate park located in San Diego County is officially open to the public. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer came out and was joined by the city council members today to cut the ceremonial ribbon and let the kids go at it. This park was built by California Skateparks & designed by Kanten Russel / Stantec. Offering a wide variety of obstacles such as backyard pool, unique flow bowl area with spine ramp, extensions and an escalator love seat, a stair set designed as a tribute to a popular local skate spot, two different euro step up gaps, several grind rail and ledge combinations, an a-frame with rails and flat gap, manual pads, and signature ‘M’ transition ramp feature. This park is a blast for all ages and all levels of skateboarders.