These values guide everything California Skateparks does for our clients:

We create exceptional environments that meet our client’s most complex design challenges. 

We inspire people through our work ethic by expressing professionalism, reliability, and dedication.

We connect people and place with ideas that come from many minds and imaginations.

We care about serving our clients, enriching lives, improving communities and protecting our natural environment through sustainable design and construction services.


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What We Do

California Skateparks is a mulit-disciplinary company specializing in the design and build of public and private concrete skate parks, plazas, skate spots and progressive recreational facilities.  We are the leader in the industry and produce the highest quality concrete skate parks utilizing our innovative state of the art construction methods and techniques.

Who We Are

California Skateparks offers an extremely knowledgeable and talented group of individuals.  Our diversified staff includes professional skateboarders, landscape architects, general contractors, civil & structural engineering experts and master builders. Our approach focuses on creative design, sound planning, systematic project costing and solid construction methodology, with the needs and desires of our clients and the community as our main priority.

Our Clients

California Skateparks has produced some of the most notable, world class facilities ever created including numerous public concrete skate parks and private projects for Tony Hawk, Miley Cyrus, Rob Dyrdek, Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriquez, Chris Cole, X-Games, Street League, Nike, Vans, Levi’s, and Monster Energy.

The Team

Joseph M. Ciaglia, Jr.

Joseph M. Ciaglia, Jr.

Founder & President/CEO

Joe has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years. He built his first company California Landscape and Design Inc. into a reputable design- build landscape company with a strong reputation as the leader in swimming pool design and development. One of Joe’s biggest landscape clients, the City of La Verne, approached Joe to combine his experience of building pools and public landscaping to build their cities first skate park, La Verne Skatepark. Shortly after the success of this skate park, Joe founded California Skateparks in 1999. In just a few short years, California Skateparks has emerged as the largest and most renowned skate park designer and builder in the industry. California Skateparks has designed and built more than 300 skate parks, including municipal city parks, action sports arenas and professional training facilities all over the world. From the beginning Joe has used innovative construction methods and a never compromise on quality, which has cemented his legacy in the skateboard industry. His experience and knowledge allow him to thoroughly evaluate each project and focus on solid construction methodology, sound planning and systematic project costing while addressing each client’s needs with diligence. Despite his great success, Joe has always maintained a philanthropic approach, annually donating materials and services to improve communities all over the nation. Although running California Skateparks is a full time job, Joe still finds time to enjoy weekends at the horse track with his family and friends.

Zach Wormhoudt

Zach Wormhoudt

Principal Landscape Architect

Zach Wormhoudt is a third generation licensed Landscape Architect and has been skating and surfing since 1975. Zach’s father, Ken Wormhoudt, designed Derby Skate Park in the City of Santa Cruz in 1974 and Derby Skate Park is now recognized as the oldest public skate park in the United States. Today, Zach Wormhoudt passionately follows in his father’s footsteps working on skate park projects around the world. Zach has over 18 years of experience in the skate park industry and continues to advocate for the development of safe places for skaters to ride and practice their sport. Zach is widely regard as having pioneered and developed the public workshop process that has become the standard for most skate park developments today. In addition to being passionate about his work and skating, Zach is a devote family man and a renowned big wave surfer and fisherman. Zach is currently ranked 5th on the ASP’s Big Wave World Tour.

Zach Wormhoudt has over 20 years of skate park development experience for over 200 municipal skate parks that include many of the largest and most highly regarded skate parks in the world. As project manager Zach has unparalleled expertise in design supervision, budget analysis, schedule development, construction documentation and construction management. Zach passion for skating and professional commitment to the projects he works on is clearly evidenced by the success of the projects he works on and the lasting relationships developed with each project’s stakeholders.

Bill Minadeo

Bill Minadeo

V.P. of Sales

Bill has been an avid skateboarder for 30 years and has seen the evolution of the sport firsthand. His love for the sport is grounded in a deep philosophical understanding of the art and motion of skateboarding. Bill’s philosophical underpinning is buttressed by his formal education. Graduating from Ohio State University, Bill went on to study eastern design philosophy at Tonjii University in Shanghai China. Bill possesses extensive knowledge of design, landscape architecture, AutoCAD, project management and engineering. He works in the field operating various types of machinery, fabricating ornamental metals and shaping and finishing shotcrete. His many endeavors have honed his skill set and deepened his understanding of the art of skate parks. In addition to his roles on the California Skateparks Team, Bill enjoys painting and gardening as well as fishing and traveling with his family of four.
Project Experience

Bill has been traveling the world designing and building Skateparks for 15 years. In that time he has overseen projects on 4 different continents. This unique experience has given him an intimate knowledge of regionally specific construction constraints and techniques. Bill brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of design and construction.

Jaxon Statzell

Jaxon Statzell


Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, skateboarding was not the obvious choice, but by the age of 12 it quickly became the only one for Jaxon, who would seek out any and every skate park in search of new terrain to skate. This search quickly extended beyond the Colorado border to neighboring states and eventually all the way to the east coast where he was a three time attendee at Woodward Skate Camp. Jaxon was able to combine his passion for skateboarding with broad and every-questioning level of inquiry by studying architectural design and gaining a deeper knowledge of spatial relationships, proportions, and appropriateness. During this time Jaxon also spent a semester studying art and design in Barcelona, which is widely considered a mecca for skateboarding spots. Just after graduating, he visited a recently completed skate park built by California Skateparks in Parker, CO and decided to inquire about a position, and has been an integral part of the team ever since.

Jaxon first began his career in skate park design by becoming adept in the methodology of skate park construction and cost estimation before advancing to a design position. Jaxon has since designed over 25 projects, in several countries, as well as providing construction administration, project management, and event design services.

Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez

Project Manager

Throughout the years Mario has acquired a wide range of experience in all trades involved with successful skate park construction. He personally oversees each skate park project and manages all aspects of the construction process. Mario is a licensed contractor and has mastered many trades including the ability to place and finish shotcrete, forming, run equipment of all sizes, and install rebar. He strictly emphasizes the importance of planning and scheduling before beginning any project thus allowing him to effectively and smoothly finish every project on time. Working for over 24 years in the construction industry and 15 years in skate park construction, Mario has managed and built public, private, and event skate parks and facilities on a national scale. His safety certifications allow him to ensure a safe working environment for his team.

Mario has successfully managed over 50 skate park projects from initiation to completion. His attention to detail and organizational methods has led to his success as a project manager. Clients thoroughly enjoy working with Mario on their projects because of attentiveness, approach-ability, and professionalism.

Brian Pino

Brian Pino

Project Manager

Growing up in Southern California, he has been involved in the evolution of skateboarding for the last two decades. Brian has been skateboarding for over 30 years since he was 5 years old. He grew up skateboarding in Southern California and built his first half pipe at 10 years old. Brian’s father and grandfather introduced him into the construction industry and he has been working the skate park building industry ever since. He has knowledge and expertise in industrial framing, commercial concrete, shotcrete placement, finishing and wet mix shotcrete. Brian has the experience to manage a project through all stages of construction, ensuring the premium quality and success for every project he manages. His attention to safety standards and certification in first aid make him a vital member of to the California Skateparks team. He is progressively learning and educating himself on new methods in construction to ensure the continued evolution in building quality skate parks.
Project Experience

With experience building over 100 public skate park projects, over 50 event courses, and countless private facilities, Brian Pino has the knowledge and experience to excel in skate park construction nationally and globally. By building several high profile facilities, Brian has built lasting relationships with key industry clients and professional athletes in the skateboarding industry.