About Us

California Skateparks is a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor specializing in all aspects of skatepark development. What sets California Skateparks apart from other skatepark providers is their impeccable attention to aesthetics and details and their understanding of skateboarding and the skatepark industry. We have adapted traditional construction standards and practices to skatepark construction and developed some of our own which has given us a real world understanding of skatepark development enabling us to meet the expectations of skateboarders.

Lake Cunningham Skatepark

In addition California Skateparks employs experienced skateboarders who manage and oversee the construciton of each project. The combination of professional construction and skater-builder knowledge and experience addresses the complexities of a successful, functional, and durable high quality skatepark. Add to these qualifications, ten years of skatepark experience, over 130 completed skateparks and dozens more under construction and you will understand what makes California Skateparks experts in high-quality specialty skatepark construction.

Skatepark Breaking Ground

California Skateparks construction experience, innovative methods and tools, combined with the professional and skilled workmanship of our crews, enable us to consistantly produce high quality custom skateparks. Skateboarding and skateparks are constantly evolving. California is at the forefront of the evolution of terrain built for skatebording and as the sport changes California Skateparks will continue to grow with the industry and produce progressive public spaces for a new era.