Posted on February 23rd, 2015

In the Fall of 2014, Levi’s Skateboarding partnered with California Skateparks and Keith “K-Dub” Williams of West Oakland to revamp the existing Town Park Skate Park. Along the way a documentary was shot to tell a story of K-Dub, Town Park, West Oakland, and those who skate there. This documentary highlights the importance of skate parks for communities and the youth.

New Vans Street Course at Block of Orange

Posted on February 19th, 2015

Yesterday we finished refurbishing the Vans street course located at the Block of Orange. The skatepark that consisted of old wood ramps has been replaced with long lasting concrete and brand new custom metal features and rails. The park couldn’t be complete without a pop of color and the vans signature checkerboard.

This is the 2nd renovation we’ve done for Vans Block of Orange Skatepark. In 2010 we remodeled the famous combi bowl.

Address 20 City Boulevard West
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 769-3800
Hours Monday-Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday 10am – 9pm

vans skateparkUntitledblock of orange

vans skateparkIMG_7761block of orange
vans skateparkIMG_7756block of orange

vans skateparkIMG_7757block of orange

vans skateparkIMG_7758block of orange

vans skateparkIMG_7759block of orange

vans skateparkIMG_7760block of orange

Vans Combi Bowl
vans _DSC3805combi bowl

Street League Foundation x CA Skateparks

Posted on February 3rd, 2015

In 2005, Rob Dyrdek opened the Kettering Skate Plaza in Kettering, OH. This skate plaza was the first-of-its-kind street plaza. Since then, we have have been a part of building twenty certified skate plazas thanks to the work of Street League Foundation.

Established with the goal of increasing skateboarding participation and awareness, the Street League Skateboarding Foundation continues to create healthy, sustainable communities by promoting the benefits of skateboarding throughout the world.

We arrived in Ethiopia yesterday with good company including pro skaters; Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, and Matt Berger. Everyone came out to Addis Ababa to help build and maintain clean water wells for the local community on behalf of the Let It Flow Foundation. While the wells are being worked on California Skateparks Joe Ciaglia and Brian Pino will build the first concrete halfpipe in Ethiopia for the kids of Megabi Skate. We are so stoked be to included in this awesome opportunity of being able to give the kids of Ethiopia clean water and a California Skateparks quality concrete mini ramp.

ethiopiaFullSizeRender[1]megabi skate

ethiopiaFullSizeRender[2]megabi skate

ethiopiaFullSizeRender[4]megabi skate
ethiopiaFullSizeRender[3]megabi skate

ethiopiaFullSizeRendermegabi skate

Nike just released their new “Nike Free SB” skate shoes featuring Sean Malto and Shane O’neill. You can see our work in the new Nike commercial. We constructed and installed the skate features both Shane and Sean skate. This is the third Nike commercial we’ve been apart of. See video below.

nikenikefreesbfree sb

nikenikefreesbshanefree sb

Watch Nyjah Huston and Matt Berger tear up Nyjah’s private skate park built by California Skateparks.
Video filmed by Jared Lucas.

Gilbert Lindsay Skate Plaza

Posted on December 17th, 2014


This Friday, December 20th, the Street League Foundation Gilbert Lindsay Skate Plaza officially opens at 3:30pm. Grab all of your friends, and make your way out to skate the newest California Skateparks built skatepark in Los Angeles.

SLSF Gilbert Lindsay Skate Plaza
425 E. 42nd Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90011

gilbert lindsaygilbert lindsay _MG_4552skateparkskatepark

gilbert lindsaygilbert lindsay _MG_4555skateparkskatepark

gilbert lindsaygilbert lindsay _MG_4556skateparkskatepark

gilbert lindsaygilbert lindsay _MG_4560skateparkskatepark

gilbert lindsaygilbert lindsay _MG_4578skateparkskatepark

gilbert lindsaygilbert lindsay _MG_4583skateparkskatepark


As we continue construction on the SLO Skatepark the City has set a date for the grand opening! The Grand Opening for the new SLO Skate Park is February 28, 2015! The official event at 1pm, but the park will remain open to skateboarders and the public until 10 p.m. Located at Santa Rosa Park, 190 Santa Rosa Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405. See you there!

Check back soon for more photo updates.

LRG; SOMA Skatepark Demo

Posted on December 16th, 2014

Check out the LRG Skateboarding Demo with Jack Curtin, Carlos Ribeiro, Rodrigo TX, Trent McClung, and Miles Silvas at San Francisco’s SoMa Skate Park we built.

Pool Town; Arto Saari’s Backyard Pool

Posted on December 1st, 2014

Each year Pro Skater and Leatherman ambassador, Arto Saari, drains his backyard pool and welcomes his friends to come session. Pool Town is the result! See photos below from the build by California Skateparks.

arto saari_DSC7716backyard pool

arto saari_DSC8121backyard pool

arto saari_DSC7940backyard pool
arto saari_DSC7764backyard pool
arto saari_DSC8077backyard pool
arto saari_DSC6484backyard pool