On Saturday, SLS rolled into Olympic Park in Munich, Germany. A Sold Out crowd was on hand to watch the best skaters in the world battle it out at the first arena stop of the 2017 SLS Nike SB World Tour. Those that were present and watched the live webcast on ETN were able to witness what proved to be one of the best SLS contests in history.

The Final in Munich was classic SLS. The skaters unleashed some incredible skating that yielded quite a few 9-Club scores. But the real story here was the battle between Yuto Horigome and Nyjah Huston. These two set it off in the Run section when Nyjah scored a 9 and Yuto an 8.9. It was followed up in the Best Trick when both skaters went trick for trick earning several more 9-Club scores. Nyjah went all out with kickflip gap to back lip down the rail that was done at such speed it sent him flying off the quarter pipe onto his back on the other side. It all came down to Yuto missing his final trick, which sealed the deal on Nyjah winning his second SLS contest of the 2017 season and the 18th of his career.

Check the full results below.

Nyjah Huston – 36.1
Yuto Horigome – 35.5
Carlos Ribeiro – 34.2
Chris Joslin – 33.9
Kelvin Hoefler – 32.9
Miles Silvas – 32.1
Dashawn Jordan – 31.4
Torey Pudwill – 19.5

Check out the Munich coverage on ETN.

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