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Design Unveil | City of Kennesaw

Article courtesy of City of Kennesaw 


Officials from the City of Kennesaw will unveil design plans for its 40,000 square foot skate park facility at a presentation during its Outdoor Movie Night on Saturday, June 2 at 8 pm in Swift-Cantrell Park.  The project, which will be located in Swift-Cantrell Park, will be the first ever permanent skate park to feature elements modeled on a competitive street skate park plaza design.  It will be capable of hosting large and small size competitive skateboarding events.


The presentation will feature a video shown on a giant inflatable screen that will include images of the proposed park and a message from Rob Dyrdek, skateboarding champion and entrepreneur who has been supporting the project. Mayor Mark Mathews will introduce two keys partners on the project:  Brian Moore, President of the SITE Design Group, the project’s designers, and Joe Ciaglia, Chief Executive Officer of California Skateparks, the contractors. A display depicting the architectural rendering will be unveiled in the park.


The all-concrete skate park will be one of the largest in the southeast and is expected to draw skateboarders from across the region. The unique design will provide elements for skateboarders of all skill levels. The project includes additional parking. Spectators will be able to view the activities in a family-friendly setting for free.


The estimated project cost is $1.2 million; $750,000 was approved by voters as part of the 2011 SPLOST and the remainder will come from corporate or private donations or grants.  The Dyrdek Foundation provided funding to cover the design and construction documents.  Construction will begin once fund raising has been accomplished. Estimated construction time is six months.


“I’m very impressed with how the City of Kennesaw has taken the time to make sure they are getting a world class skate park for their community,” said SITE Design Group President Brian Moore.  “In all my years in this industry, I’ve never worked with a mayor from a city that has shown so much passion towards a skate park project. I can’t wait to see the results.”


Check back to see the new park design next week!

UPDATE | Penn Valley Skatepark


Kansas City is eagerly anticipating their new Penn Valley Skatepark coming in month! This project has an estimated start date of April 1st and the skatepark will be getting the 7 exclusive Street League features from the Kansas City Street League course in 2011. This will be a rare opportunity for the Kansas City youth to skate and test their skills on the very same features the pros competed on. The donated features by CA Skateparks will be repainted and re-filled to be sure they are in excellent condition for the skating community. The city is excited about the Rob Dyrdek Foundation involvement and their substantial donation of $50,000 for design services and the $35,000 for construction to finish the phase II addition / renovation of the park. The partnership with CA skateparks to give back to the skateboarding community and offer solutions for cities to see park projects is an opportunity CA Skateparks enjoys doing the most. More updates to come!

COMING SOON: $1.2 million skatepark | Kennesaw, Georgia

California Skateparks has just been awarded the job of building the monumental skatepark in Kennesaw, Georgia. This skatepark has an anticipated start date for the summer 2012. The  40,000 square foot skatepark will be built at Swift-Cantrell Park and is racking in a budget of nearly $1.2 million! The mayor of Kennesaw, Mark Matthews has said, ” It will draw from across the region…there is nothing like this anywhere in the Southeast.”

Joe Ciaglia, Mayor Matthews, Rob Dyrdek, & Paul Vizcaino

Site Design Group has been awarded the job of designing this huge skatepark and they have already presented designs  exceeding the expectations of the community. The Rob Dyrdek Foundation is the major contribution bringing this opportunity to life for the city of Kennesaw. They have assumed the role of  raising the money for the gap in funds and the Foundation’s enthusiasm to make this skatepark the best in the world has captured the attention of the whole community. Dyrdek is hoping this park might be an option for Street League Skateboardings first ever permenant skate plaza facility. The park will be built with the option to one day host events seen on ESPN. Mayor Matthews said, “…this is to be the Pebble Beach of skateboarding.”

Rob Dyrdek Foundation Benefit Today

Today the Rob Dyrdek Foundation will hosting their annual benefit at the Fantasy Factory! The Foundation assists municipalities and non-profits with the design, development, and construction of legal Skate Plazas as well as assists with the creation of community and educational programs that promote and encourage the sport of skateboarding. Their hope is to encourage construction of legal street skating areas, be that through large urban skate plazas or single skate spots. Today the official builders for the Foundation and all Safe Spot Skate Spots, California Skateparks, will be attending the event along with other skatepark and skateboarding advocates. For more information about the foundation, benefit, or ways to donate go to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation Website.

Penn Valley Skate Park Set To Receive Donated STREET LEAGUE Features

STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING commissioner and professional skater Rob Dyrdek announced today that the league will be donating and permanantly installing features from this weekend’s event @ the Sprint Center into the Penn Valley Skate Park, originally built by CA skateparks .  This will be a rare opportunity for the Kansas City youth to skate and test their skills on the very same features the pros competed on.  Dyrdek will also be donating $50,000 for design services and $35,000 for construction to finish the phase II addition / renovation of the park.  Following completion of the new work, the skate park will officially become part of the Rob Dyrdek Foundation Safe Spot Skate Spot Program.  This initiative marks the ninth park to receive assistance from the foundation.  The partnership with CA skateparks on the design / build of these projects showcases the continued effort of both parties to give back to the skateboarding community and offer solutions for cities to see park projects to reality when the need is great.  Click here and here for local news coverage of the story.

Cardenas Skate Plaza Grand Opening

Join California Skateparks, Rob Dyrdek Foundation, and The City of Los Angeles Parks & Recreation in celebrating the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Andres & Maria Cardenas Skate Plaza.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see Rob Dyrdek, Joe C, and be among the first to skate the plaza, all while witnessing another progressive move in the L.A. area skate park system.  The festivities are set to kick off at 3 p.m.  Click here for plaza location.


Cardenas Skate Plaza is the latest effort in the Safe Spot Skate Spot program.  Designed and constructed by California Skateparks, the plaza is sized at about 4,500 square feet and includes donated STREET LEAGUE features from the 2010 Ontario stop.  Central to the plaza is the colored ledge over manual pad.  This feature was modified slightly from its original form to make it more skateable for the youth.  Additionally the plaza possesses both a flat bank and grinding hand rail also from the Ontario event.  In an effort to promote design uniformity, perimeter ledges are finished with burnished block to match the existing building and surrounding architecture.  Once again the generous efforts of STREET LEAGUE and California Skateparks have impacted the City of Los Angeles youth.  More project details located here. 

Stoner Ave Plaza, LA | Grand Opening

Stoner Skatepark in Shreveport, LA is officially open! Rob originally built this park for the community at the start of his career and now he has returned and re-vamped the park for the skaters in the community. California Skateparks collaborated with Dyrdek to re-design and re-build the park. New features were added and old features were updated to make the park more skateable with a California Skateparks flare. Rob Dyrdek Foundation donated $50,000.00 for this remodel.

The opening was held March 7.2010. Hundreds showed up at the opening along with Dyrdek, his Fantasy Factory crew, and Joe Ciaglia. This opening is schduled to appear on an episode of Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory as well.