Our design team has over 20 years of experience designing skateparks that are able to explore the aspects of structure, site sensibility, function, innovation, and sustainable materials in order to give communities parks and facilities that exceed expectations


Our professionalized services fully encompass the wide range of needs necessary to build architecture and landscapes for skateboarding. Utilizing knowledge from the construction of over 200 skateparks California Skateparks has become the leader in skatepark construction.


California Skateparks has successfully designed and built public and private skateparks all over the world, including courses for the top skateboarding events. Our diversely experienced team is committed to developing skate parks with the highest quality craftsmanship possible.

Skatepark News

We Go Big With Nike for Go Skateboarding Day 2015

We helped Nike SB go big again this year for Go Skateboarding…
June 22, 2015/by CLD Web Admin

Lanark Skatepark Opening June 19th!

The new 14,000-square-foot skate plaza is set among the old-growth…
June 18, 2015/by CLD Web Admin

Street League Pro Open: Barcelona

Street League Pro Open: Barcelona May 17, 2015 Article By TWS Nyjah…
May 18, 2015/by chelsea

Skate Agora BDN: Barcelona 1st Stop Street League Pro Open

We are almost finished with construction for the  Skate Agora…
May 6, 2015/by chelsea

Star Wars #Maythe4thbewithyou

In honor of national Star Wars Day here is an epic video from…
May 4, 2015/by chelsea

Vans Skatepark HB Round Up

Vans has one of the deepest skate histories out there. They've…
April 21, 2015/by chelsea

Street League’s 1st Permanent Skatepark in Badalona

The town of Badalona will be getting their first Street League…
April 10, 2015/by chelsea

TBT: Pro Skateboarders Private Skateparks Built By CA Skateparks

Today we take a look back at all the skateparks we've built for…
April 2, 2015/by chelsea

2015 Street League Tour x Built By California Skateparks

  Street League Skateboarding announces the dates and…
March 23, 2015/by chelsea

Digital Marketing Intern

POSITION SUMMARY // The Digital Marketing Intern is responsible…
March 13, 2015/by chelsea

TBT: Street League at X-Games 2013

In 2013 X-Games hosted Street League Skateboarding on their international…
March 12, 2015/by chelsea

San Luis Obispo Skatepark Now Open

The 15,500-square-foot concrete skatepark we built at Santa Rosa…
March 2, 2015/by chelsea